Mantra Monday | Gratitude 

#MantraMonday This weeks #mantra: Dhanya Vad This mantra means “thank you.” It invokes an attitude of appreciation for life and opens you to the infinite blessings around you. I am focusing my week on staying in gratitude. I talk about that a lot because I feel it is important. I also know that for me, it is hard as hell to stay grateful. We are raised and surrounded by complaints, worry, and stress. These are things I am constantly fighting. Our world is in panic mode most of the time, especially in the last few years. While I know that things seem to be falling apart, gratitude is more important than ever. The energy that panic invites in is just more worry, stress, and well.....more panic. Have you ever noticed that when you begin your day in an annoyed or upset mindset, everything seems to go wrong the while day? This is because when we go into that mindset, we send out an energetic frequency carrying that emotion. When this happens, we call in more of the same energy. Hence, our day continues that way. Once we make the decision to not stay in that energy, a new energetic frequency goes out & draws in energy to match your new frequency. You control this with your thoughts and emotions. It gets harder everyday not to worry about everything: our kids at school/work/anywhere, people that are mentally ill roaming the country with dangerous weapons, the government and all that is happening. For me, I know I can't make it through daily life in a constant state of worry. While it's hard as fuck, I have to meditate, pray, and keep gratitude at the forefront in order to be who I need to be everyday. I'm not saying I am oblivious about those things, they are already in the back of my mind. I'm saying because stress leads to dis-ease (also known as disease) and I cant stay stressed. I am living proof that stress can kill you. Mantra meditation helps me because it keeps my mind on the right track. By starting the day with gratitude and compassion for myself, I can offer that version of myself to the world. Chanting this mantra takes about 7-10 minutes a day, and it puts my heart and mind at ease. I chant 108 times, with a mala counting for me. If you don't have a mala, you can use a meditation timer to do this, I average .at about 9 minutes to say it 108 times. I hope this brings you joy, as it has brought me. Sending you so much love my friends.



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