You are Enough | daily positive affirmations

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

Reclaim your inner child

You're too loud

Don't be so wild

You are so sensitive

You are too much

Too happy

Too open

Don't dress like that or you'll invite ____

Don't be so wild

Don't be too opinionated

So many of us have heard these words. They knock us down, makes us feel small, and tell us we aren't worthy. We become adults that are knocked down by others that feel they are more worthy than us. We are pitted against each other through connection to Ego, and disconnection to our soul.

With self-study and self-love we can change this. We can step into higher vibrations and pass this old energy.

There are many ways that we can do this.

Listening to and creating daily positive affirmations for rewiring your brain

I listen to affirmations in my car & repeat them while I drive. This is a good practice for me to think positively through the day, so I do this first thing. Click here for a link to my personal affirmations that I use on Spotify.

Here are a few:

I am who I am and I embrace me.

I am free to be me

I reclaim my openness

I deserve to be heard

I am bold and I can share my light

I reclaim my wildness

I am strong and I know who I am

I am enough

Yes you are. You are enough


Being still helps you connect to our higher self and higher vibrations. By disconnecting from daily distractions (all the phrases from our history are distractions), we allow our mind the space to be calm. This makes it possible to receive messages from our subconscious mind and gain clarity.

Click here for one of my favorite meditations on gratitude ❤

Surrounding myself with others on the same path as you

Often we stay in relationships that are not good for us due to history, that person being family, Etc. We do not have to do this. Anyone who makes you feel like you are not worthy of the energy that you deserve is not worth your time. As you continue to raise your vibrations, your taste will change. Eventually you will lose interest in spending your time with people who are not on the same vibrations is you.

Connect to your body through movement.

Yoga is my favorite form of movement. But any movement that you embrace that makes you feel good is healthy for your body and mind. There are so many formats of movement, it is important for you to find the one that works for you and embrace it without judgment. Through this movement we invite in the evolution of our spirit. Free movement helps us to connect to our primal energy and release energy that stays dormant inside us.

With the practice of self study and love of your whole self, you can step into your primal nature and rediscover you. 



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